Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer praises

Well folks, it has been a fantastic summer so far! God has been doing amazing things in our hearts, our children, and our extended family. I could literally write a small novel about it! We are so thankful to the Lord for all He has done!

There has been so much peace in our home and hearts. From the holy spirit’s leading, the priority of prayer has been raised to a whole new level in our home. I thought it was a pretty high priority before, but no, it wasn’t. By God’s grace, we have been freeing ourselves from our own legalisms. This was a tough one to unwind! It was God’s mercy that spotlighted this area of our lives. It was nothing we did on our own, that’s for sure! Through the strength and power of the holy spirit, we’ve learned even more how to praise God during our trials.

I know I’ve told my friends this before but I’ve come to a place where I want to continue living an “impossible life” where I am forced to constantly rely on Jesus Christ. Through Jesus, all things are possible but on my own... impossible. To know it is one thing. To live it is another. That’s a hard one folks! I am thankful for God’s mercy to keep humbling us throughout our lives!! Aren’t you!? Just when we thought we had it “together”, SLAM. God quickly shows us, we don’t. We serve such a gracious God. I praise Him for this and thank him for his endless, unfathomable, perfect love.

Just the victories we’ve had personally and in our home were sufficient for us! However, In the middle of all of the above and more, once again, God has blown us away with His amazing provision. The Lord provided Chad and I an almost completely FREE trip to San Francisco. On top of that, we were able to cruise around the California coast, etc in a Ford Mustang (also FREE). I went away with Chad while he was attending the Google conference. Our friends and family lovingly cared for our children while we were away. Here’s a few highlights from our trip.

Miur Woods Mustang Golden Gate Miur Overlook Us

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE part of our trip was this strawberry patch right off route 1. You could see and hear the waves while picking strawberries! A strawberry lovers DREAM!

Eating Strawberries Strawberry Truck Strawberry Patch Store Honor System

We were also blessed to have some time to visit my family in Charleston, IL. I had lots of fun with my adorable nephew!! I just love and cherish all the time I get with him.

Happy 4th 4th Parade

Lots of fun times in our backyard!

Teeter Tot Ethan Sarah

We have also crossed a view milestones. Ethan celebrated his 4th birthday....

Ethan's Birthday Cake Ethan's Birthday Presents

We have also passed the 1 year mark of Sarah’s adoption. The change is almost UNBELIEVABLE isn’t it!? We have come from a young, malnourished, FEARFUL, little baby girl to a confident, joyful, meek, gentle, and sweet little girl. Wow! The transformation is almost indescribable. Her story and life amazes me. God has done more than we could ever imagine and has cared for her since before she was born. Sarah is wonderfully made and is a complete joy.

Sarah at first Sarah now

ADOPTION NEWS: We are still waiting for a referral. We know we are the next ones on the list for a boy 4yrs and younger. We will keep you updated as soon as we hear something. At this time, we wait :) God is ALWAYS on time!

“Then I will go to the altar of God, to God my exceeding joy, and I will praise you with the lyre, O God, my God.” Psalm 43:4

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